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Additional Exercises

Exercises for: Calculation Groups

Exercises for: Many-to-Many Relationships

Exercises for: Segmentation

Exercises for: Expanded Tables

Exercises for: Querying with DAX

Exercises for: Time Intelligence in DAX

Exercises for: Iterators

Exercises for: Advanced Evaluation Contexts

Exercises for: The CALCULATE Function

Exercises for: Evaluation Contexts

Exercises for: Table Functions

Exercises for: Introduction to DAX

Exercises, Labs, Demos, and Presentation Slides

Calculation Groups

Relationships at Different Granularities

Advanced Filtering

Many-to-many Relationships


Expanded Tables

Data Lineage and TREATAS

Querying with DAX

Hierarchies in DAX

Time Intelligence in DAX

Building a Date Table


Advanced Evaluation Contexts

The CALCULATE Function

Evaluation Contexts

Table Functions

Introduction to DAX

Introduction to Mastering DAX 2nd Edition

Microsoft Machine Learning Technologies: View Towards 2020

Next Year in Machine Learning, Data Science, AI and BI

Machine Learning for IT Security: From ML to Security AI

Machine Learning for Security Applications: Why?

The Future of AI—How to Avoid Artificial Stupidity

What is Artificial Stupidity?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The Future of Power BI

Power BI Premium and Power BI Embedded

Azure Analysis Services

Administration and Auditing

Data Refresh

Sharing, Distribution, and Security

Building Reports in Excel

Power BI Reports (2018 Updates)

Cloud and Desktop Power BI Dashboards and Reports

Power BI Desktop vs Excel

DAX and the Data Model (2018 Updates)

DAX and the Data Model

Modelling Data (2018 Updates)

Modelling Data

Advanced Data Loading

Transforming Data with the Query Editor (2018 Updates)

Transforming Data with the Query Editor

Data Import Concepts

Connecting to Data Sources (2018 Updates)

Connecting to Data Sources


What is Power BI?

Power BI New Features and Course Updates

Additional Code and Data Samples (R, ML Services, SSAS)

How to Succeed with Your First Data Science Projects

HappyCars Sample Data Set for Learning Data Mining

Aggregations & Cube Performance

What is Advanced Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning—and What is their Value?

Cube Deployment, Processing and Admin

Cube Security

Cubes, Measures and Measure Groups

Designing Dimensions

Irish Economic Crisis Visualised in Power BI

Using the Deployment Wizard

Using SQL Server Data Tools-BI

What is Market Basket Analysis?

Association Rules in Depth

MDX Performance Diagnosis with Profiler

What is a Subselect in MDX?

Exists, MDX Solve Order, and Subselects

More MDX Member & Set Functions

MDX: Previous Period Growths, Shares & Moving Averages

What is the MDX Current Member Function?

MDX Numeric Functions and CURRENTMEMBER

MDX: Member and Set Functions

MDX Queries

MDX Calculated Members

Selecting, Filtering, and Sorting Data in Excel

How to Make Enterprise Dashboards in Excel

Excel BI: Basic Concepts

Clustering in Depth

Why Cluster and Segment Data?

What Are Decision Trees?

Decision Trees in Depth

MDX Basic Concepts

DAX in Action!

Data Mining Model Building, Testing and Predicting with Microsoft SQL Server and Excel

Data Mining Concepts and Tools

Introduction to Data Mining with Microsoft SQL Server

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