Supported Browsers

We aim to support all recent versions of common browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari, on reasonably recent versions of common operating systems and mobile devices. Everything works natively, without plug-ins. Unusual device/browser combinations may not work.

Some corporate firewalls have policies preventing video streaming. Please try connecting from a diferent location or by using a different browser if unsure.

Bigger issues

  • We are currently (18 Nov 2020) noticing an intermittent issue with Edge 86 (Chromium-based) on Windows 10. Message “Your browser cannot play this video” appears. Chrome usually works in those cases. If you are affected, please contact us if you could help us share more information about your set-up, as we have only partially replicated this issue.

Minor issues

  • If you see “Your browser cannot play this video”“Unknown playback error”, or iOS does not start playing, and your browser/device is supported (see table below) then the usual culprit is a stale browser session. Try clearing the cache, and restart the browser. There is no need to delete cookies as we do not use them. You can also try incognito mode. If it still does not work, please try another browser first, then contact us please.
  • Playback on iOS sometimes mutes the very final 4 seconds of audio. Sorry!

Not working

  • Internet Explorer does not work—please use Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. We do not support IE. It has been fully deprecated by Microsoft.
  • Opera (recent versions) generally works, but Opera Mini does not.

Bandwidth requirements

Our stream encoders have been custom-tuned for our type of video content. They require surprisingly little bandwidth. On average, you need 0.3–1.7 Mbit/s, depending on the video, however, your connection should sustain peak requirements of 2 Mbit/s for very good playback and 1 Mbit/s for acceptable playback. Our player will gracefully reduce resolution and quality with bandwidth as low as 0.2 Mbit/s but things will get a little blurry. For those with a faster connection, we automatically offer a hi-def stream when the player detects peak bandwidth capacity of 4 Mbit/s but only if your viewport is large or in full-screen mode.

Device compatibility test results (November 2020)

As there are hundreds of ever-changing combinations of possible platforms, we test them only from time to time. The table below shows the latest results. Numbers show the versions that passed—a newer version should always be OK. Green works and is supported by us. Red does not. Orange has intemittent issues. If your favourite combination is not listed, contact us, please, and we will try to help.


OS Microsoft Firefox Chrome Safari
Windows 10 Edge 86 (intermittent issues) 82 86  
Windows 7 Edge 86 Internet Explorer 82 86  
macOS Catalina

Edge 86

82 86 14.0.1
macOS Mojave   80 85 11.1
macOS High Sierra   80 85 11.1
Ubuntu 20.04 Edge Dev 82 86  
Ubuntu 18.04   62 (Chromium) 86  


We have successfully tested on Apple iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, using the Safari browser. We support AirPlay streaming to Apple TV (tested on tvOS 14).  Please contact us if you have any difficulties.


We have successfully tested a sample of the most popular tablets and phones running Android versions 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9, 10 and 11, using the Chrome browser. Please contact us if you have any difficulties so that we can help.

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