About Tecflix Limited

Tecflix Teaches Advanced Data

Tecflix is a new, video-based online learning platform. Our instructors have over 100+ years of consulting and development experience working on real-world, advanced, data-focused customer projects.

We specialise in data science and knowledge mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive, statistical, and advanced analytics, including advance business intelligence.

Our mission is to teach you by focusing on what really matters, how to avoid mistakes, and what to steer clear of.

Our videos are highly focused and filled with live demos and careful explantions. They are professionally recorded, with great sound, good lighting and click-by-click editing to make your learning as easy as it can be, frustration- and distraction-free, and definitely enjoyable. You will see our faces on the screen while we do everything, live, in front of the camera—there are no voiceovers, actors, or pre-prepared screenshots. If something is hard, you will see us slow down and explain it in detail so that you do not have to struggle.

Above all, we do what we teach. We want you to learn not just the steps, facts, or the technology, but especially what it all really means to real-life projects.

Learn from our hard-earned experience.

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