Group Purchase

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  • Cheaper than buying individual subscriptions.
  • Everything appears on a single VAT tax invoice.
  • Just one payment—sales quotes, pro-forma and POs welcome!
  • You don’t need to manage any usernames or passwords—users create their own.

Access to all content by one named individual, as often as they like, for one year from activation. Cannot be shared or transferred, please buy one per user.

For larger, enterprise purchases, contact us now to discuss additional arrangements.

Annual Subscription


The Prepaid Code for 1 User can be used to mix with other packs, or as a gift, or if you want to prepay a subscription for someone else. If you are buying the subscription for yourself, do not buy a prepaid code—please purchase an individual subscription.

You can mix-and-match different packs, and add them together to the cart, to arrive at a specific number of users.

At checkout, choose between making an instant payment, or get a sales quote/pro-forma invoice and pay later. If you pay later, you will receive your access codes as soon as we have received your payment.

All prepaid codes purchased in a pack must be redeemed within one year from the date of being issued, however, each subscription will only start on the day the code has been redeemed, and it will last its full duration.

We would be happy to offer you other options, such as packs for different group sizes, or multi-user codes, instead of individual codes, for smaller groups.

For more information, see the pricing page FAQ.

Contact Details

Tecflix Ltd
12 Whitefriars
Peter Row, Aungier Street
Co. Dublin
D02 W920

tel: +353-1-5242519
email: info@tecflix.com
VAT: IE 3681716DH | CRO: 668215

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