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What’s the difference between a free subscription account and an individual or a group subscription?

With our free subscription account you can only access the free videos and articles, usually one or two in each course, of course including all upcoming, free content. It will give you a taste of the subject and it will help you get started, but to learn in-depth you will need a Full Access Subscription.

There are three differences between a group and an individual subscription: 1) how to buy; 2) who can terminate it; and 3) who has access to your data. Individual buyers get instant access using their own account, no one else has access to it, and the subscription cannot be transferred to anyone else. Group purchasers create a buyer’s account to receive activation codes which they hand out to their users, who then redeem them using their own, individual accounts. There are important provisions regarding account transfer and access to data that only apply to group purchases: please see section 1.4 of the Privacy & Data Protection Policy.

As a subscriber, how will I know that new content has been published?

You need to sign-up to our Friends Newsletter to receive new content notifications because of data protection rules, especially the GDPR regulations. You can sign-up at any time by ticking “Subscribe” on your My Account/Edit page. Needless to say, you can stop receiving the newsletter in the same way, or by using the unsubscribe link in the email. The newsletter is our main way of notifying you about new content, and we send it approximately 7–9 times a year.

How often do you update your content?

We add a couple of courses every year. Also, throughout the year, we add videos and articles to existing courses, approximately every month: sometimes more often than that, sometimes (summer) less often. As a Full Access Subscriber you get access to all the current and upcoming content. Our Friends Newsletter (see the previous question) announces new content.

Do I need to know anything about analytics or data science to get started on Tecflix?

Anyone interested in data science and analytics can use Tecflix to learn new skills, there are no prerequisites.

Do I need special software or hardware?

All of our course videos can be watched from the comfort of your browser, so you won’t need to install any new software or hardware. For the best user experience, we suggest using Edge, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Internet Explorer does not work anymore. See our detailed browser support matrix.

Do you offer discounts?

Except for group purchases, we only offer very limited discounts, please see our coupon codes and discounts page for more information.

Do you offer lifetime pricing?

Sorry, we do not offer lifetime access pricing because as much as we like what we do we could not legally promise to anyone to keep our services for as long as a human lifetime may last. Indeed, if you look at the detail of the terms and conditions of much bigger online training companies that claim to sell “lifetime” access they usually limit it by saying they can withdraw lifetime access with a notice of just 1-3 years. Sometimes they define lifetime as just 6 months! We prefer to be direct and honest about what we can and cannot realistically offer.

Can I buy a 2 or a 3 year subscription at a discount?

Yes, we are happy to offer a 2 and a 3 year individual subscription because that is a reasonable period that we can expect to continue offering our services at any point in time—see the question about lifetime access above. Please see our Discounts Policy page for more details, or just click here to make the purchase.

How and when will I be charged?

You pay when you buy a subscription. You will not be automatically charged again: we do not rely on recurrent payments and people forgetting to cancel them. We will send you a reminder two weeks before your subscription is about to expire giving you an opportunity to renew at a discount.

You can pay by a credit card, PayPal, or a bank transfer. We also offer purchase orders and sales quotes/pro-forma invoices.

What price will I pay when my subscription renews in one year?

If you have been a subscriber for a year, you will receive a 16% discount when you renew, but only if your subscription has not expired yet. To avail of that discount you can renew at any time during your current, unexpired subscription. The discount is applied automatically at checkout.

Do I have to pay tax/VAT on my purchase?

If you are outside of the European Union, for example in Canada, Japan, or the United States, we will not add any taxes to the price.

If your address is in the European Union we will add VAT at the prevailing rate to all prices. It will be shown on the order review page. As soon as you submit your order you will also receive an invoice showing VAT. However, if you are a business customer with a valid VAT number located outside of the Republic of Ireland, we will issue you an invoice without VAT, subject to the rules of self-accounting for VAT on received services. The VAT number that you provide to us will be validated online and reported to the VIES system. Please contact us to pre-validate your number in the case the online validation fails, which happens from time to time.

In accordance with VAT regulations, all buyers based in the Republic of Ireland will have VAT added to the prices, however business buyers should be able to reclaim it in the normal way. Our VAT invoices clearly display our Irish VAT registration number and they fully comply with Irish and EU VAT invoicing regulations.

Prices are shown in US Dollar and Euro, what is the exchange rate?

Our prices are set in USD. The EUR equivalent is recalculated on a daily basis using the prevailing European Central Bank (ECB) reference rate. Your invoice will show both currencies.

What currency will I be charged in: US Dollar or Euro? What will the invoice show?

The currency you pay depends on how you pay us. If you use a credit card we will charge you in USD. If you pay by PayPal (using a credit card) we will also charge you in USD, however, you can select a different currency funding source in your PayPal settings. If you select bank transfer as your payment method, you are welcome to send us EUR or USD.

Furthermore, if you would like to send us EUR by PayPal, please select “Bank transfer” payment method, then remit the total in EUR, as shown on the quote/pro-forma invoice, using PayPal. We will reconcile this to your order—even though it is technically not a bank transfer—on the next business day.

Our invoices show all line items, including VAT if applicable, in both currencies.

If I request a sales quote/pro-forma invoice and the exchange rate changes, will you still accept my original EUR total?

Yes. Our quotes/pro-forma invoices are valid for 45 days. Even if the exchange rate changes we will honour the quoted EUR total. When we issue the final VAT invoice after we receive your EUR payment we will adjust the USD equivalents—up or down—so that the invoice adds up to the original EUR quote. On the other hand, if you pay us in USD we will leave the USD totals unchanged but we will adjust the EUR total using the prevailing ECB reference rate. This is done for your accounting convenience whilst complying with financial regulations. If you have different requirements, please contact us and we would be happy to accommodate you.

I need to show a PO (Purchase Order) number on the invoice.

First of all, please place an order selecting bank transfer as your payment method. Once you have received the quote/pro-forma invoice by email, which is usually immediate, please hit reply and let us know your purchase order number. We will enter it manually and you will receive a new, updated pro-forma invoice showing it. The final VAT invoice will also show this PO number. For this type of orders we only accept bank transfers and manually sent PayPal payments, in both EUR and USD.

My European Union-based business has a VAT exemption certificate (scheme 56 etc), can I use it?

Please create a free account on our site, then contact us with the details. If we can validate your certificate we will enable your account to make zero VAT rate purchases. Please note that if you simply have a valid VAT registration number there is no need to contact us. Our checkout accepts and validates them and automatically offers VAT-free sales for qualifying purchases, see above.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Please see our detailed Privacy and Data Protection Policy and Terms and Conditions.

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