Discounts, Coupon Codes & Promotions on Tecflix

Do you have a code?

If you have a valid coupon code, follow this link to use it. You may need to log-in to your account before being able to apply the code.

If you have a prepaid access code, redeem it here. You have to log-in before you redeem.

Our Policy

We have a simple, open, and transparent discounting policy. We offer four discounts at all times:

  • 16% loyalty discount when you renew your annual subscription, as long as it has not expired. Make sure to log-in, then simply purchase a new individual Full Access Subscription, the discount will be added automatically. Alternatively, you can also follow this link and enter code RENEWAL, or click the emailed link that existing subscribers get approx. 2 weeks before expiry. This is the largest discount we ever offer to individual buyers.
  • Group purchase discounts. If you are buying subscriptions for multiple users you can avail of a sliding scale discount dependent on the number of users. No code is necessary, this deal applies automatically. Even buying access for 2 users will be some 5% cheaper that way and the discount increases to 33% for 50+ users.
  • If you buy a 2 or a 3 year individual subscription we offer a 15% upfront discount which works out a little better than renewing each year. Use this link and adjust quantity as necessary. Coupon code MULTIYEAR will be applied automatically. We do not offer longer subscription terms or lifetime access. Existing subscribers are welcome to use the same link to extend their subscription by 2–3 years and the checkout stage will upgrade their discount to the 16% RENEWAL code for the entire purchase.
  • 10% student discount. If you are a student in full-time education at a nationally-recognised institution—sorry, not faculty members—please create a free subscription account using your school, college, or university email address and then email us your request. We will manually enable your account for the student discount as long as we can recognise your institution.

Once or twice throughout the year we might offer a 5-10% discount when launching a new course. At most once a year we might offer a 12% discount but only if we have something major to announce or to celebrate. Those promotions last 1–2 weeks only and we announce them in our Friends Newsletter—make sure you are receiving it by ticking “Subscribe” on your My Account/Edit page.

If you are a VAT-registered business, we take account of it when calculating taxes due on sales with European Union addresses. Zero-rate VAT is not a discount, however—it is a matter of taxes.

We do not offer any other discounts, rebates or other promotions at any time, or on other sites, and we do not participate in reseller or affiliate programs. Our content authors do not offer their own discounts, however we do attribute and share our income with them.

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