Exercises for: Time Intelligence in DAX Purchase the entire course

23 December 2020 · · 15 views

Mastering DAX Workshop

Exercises for: Time Intelligence in DAX

Please complete the following exercises, in the suggested order, before watching this video in which Alberto explains how to solve them:

  • 08.10: Running total
  • 08.20: Comparison YOY%
  • 08.30: Sales in first three months
  • 08.40: Semi-additive calculations

You can download all exercise files from here (only available to Full Access Subscribers).

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  • Exercises, Labs, Demos, and Presentation Slides 52-min

  • Exercises for: Introduction to DAX 52-min Watch with Free Subscription

  • Table Functions 1-hour 9-min

  • Exercises for: Table Functions 44-min

  • Evaluation Contexts 57-min

  • Exercises for: Evaluation Contexts 29-min

  • The CALCULATE Function 1-hour 4-min

  • Exercises for: The CALCULATE Function 49-min

  • Advanced Evaluation Contexts 56-min

  • Exercises for: Advanced Evaluation Contexts 1-hour 5-min

  • Iterators 41-min

  • Exercises for: Iterators 39-min

  • Building a Date Table 37-min

  • Time Intelligence in DAX 1-hour 20-min

  • Exercises for: Time Intelligence in DAX 46-min

  • Hierarchies in DAX 37-min

  • Querying with DAX 1-hour 58-min

  • Exercises for: Querying with DAX 47-min

  • Data Lineage and TREATAS 13-min

  • Expanded Tables 34-min

  • Exercises for: Expanded Tables 15-min

  • Segmentation 36-min

  • Exercises for: Segmentation 14-min

  • Many-to-many Relationships 35-min

  • Exercises for: Many-to-Many Relationships 13-min

  • Advanced Filtering 49-min

  • Relationships at Different Granularities 1-hour 20-min

  • Additional Exercises 27-min

  • Calculation Groups 1-hour 27-min

  • Exercises for: Calculation Groups 57-min

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