Detailed Exercise Videos for Mastering DAX Workshop

24 December 2020 ·

Practice makes perfect

We have just updated the Mastering DAX Workshop 2nd Ed by adding over 10 hours of new video content, making the entire course over 26-hour long, not including your own study time. That is like a week of an intensive class attendance! The new modules focus on the practical side of the workshop: exercises and labs. In terms of the course flow, the new videos follow the lectures they are related to, but we have also a few standalone, additional exercises towards the end. Also, the final exercises that follow the closing module, Calculation Groups, tend to be broader in nature. If you can complete them it means you have gained a mastery of DAX.

Each of the new modules first explains which exercises you should attempt on your own. Once you have solved (or struggled with!) the recommended exercises, you should watch the video. Alberto Ferrari will show and explain to you how he would approach each exercise, giving you as close to a guiding hand as possible whilst you are following on a self-paced online course. It is important that you try the exercises on your own, first, before getting Alberto’s help.

In addition to the new videos, there is an update to the exercise files themselves. Together with other downloadable content for that course they amount to about 700 MB of data. You can download all of it if you are a Full Access Subscriber. However, even free subscribers can get a taste of the exercises by watching the free exercise video module, in addition to the free Introduction to DAX: altogether almost 3 hours of free video content!

Enjoy studying DAX with us. There is no one more experienced in teaching it than Alberto and Marco!


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